Starman AirTV packs

ZUUM TV is now Starman AirTV! It beams digital television over the air across Estonia. Comes with a regular or recording AirBox, depending on your chosen TV pack.

 6.99 € a month

Ignorance will give you blisters. Keep an squinty eye on civilization, if only to shake your head in disbelief.

10.99 € a month

A medium media dose. 27 channels. Four more than the 23 pairs of chromosomes in your cells. Just saying.

12.99 € a month

Is that the smell of leather-bound books and rich mahogany? Almost. The air is pregnant with 34 TV channels.

18.99 € a month

The creme de la creme of Air TV. With Recording — watch shows when it suits you, not some programming executive.

AirTV: a choice selection

34 digital channels, TVE, TV recording and pausing*. Several channels with togglable subtitles and soundtracks to improve your Estonian or Russian, skills. 

*Included with XL pack. Can be purchased separately for other TV packs.

Check out all our channels!

Recording. Did a great show slip by unnoticed?
Never again.

Great TV deserves to be seen.

Use your STARbox to pause the football game, or record the late-night movie.

Includes TVE

Adds oomph to every AirTV subscription

    Now you can watch TV in your browser or iOS/Android app anywhere in Estonia. TVE works with smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers. It’s also a budgetfriendly alternative to ordering an additional watching station in another room.

  • Up to 23 TV channels 
  • Catch up on 8 days of programming on Time Machine
  • Save and pause shows with TV Recording
  • 23


    Get Starman Air

    Air TV

    • Digital signals across Estonia
    • Up to 34 channels in 4 channel packs
    • Available add-on channels
    • TV Recording*
    • TTVE - TV in your smart device
    • Installed by our experienced professional

    • *Included with XL pack. Can be purchased separately for other TV packs.


    • Over-the-air home internet
    • Convenient home WiFi option
    • Fast 4G network across Estonia
    • Flexible data speed plans
    • Installed by our experienced professional

    Starman Air

    • Join with the service for free!
    • Free devices with fixed-term service contract
    • Techinian installs the service, when it's convenient for you
    • Technical service installation is taken care by our technicians

    Starman Air

    Formerly known as ZUUM, Starman Air combines two over-the-air services: digital television (AirTV) and home/mobile internet access (AirNet).

    Starman Air

    Wireless internet isn’t just for mobiles. Don’t want or can’t have cable access? Starman AirNet packs to the rescue! Read more!

    Add more screens

    Does your home have more than one TV set? To watch AirTV on more TV screens, order an additional TV location.

    Does your TV have digital box built in?

    If there’s a slot for a digital TV card, you can order AirTV without an AirBox. And your TV remote will be your interface. Easy. Read more from our Help Centre!

    Resellers of Starman Air services

    In addition to our client service, you can join our Over the air services the shops of resellers.

    Chain resellers
    Private resellers
    • Andermi - Võru
    • Teletark - Jõgeva
    • Tuhat1 Kodumasinat - Viljandi ja Rapla
    • LL Merge Group - Tallinn ja Tartu
    • Aveton - Viljandi
    • Sat-TV Antennikeskus - Keila
    • Ilmar Pauk Elektroonika - Hiiumaa
    • Näkman Sat - Hiiumaa
    • Elektroonikaäri - Kuressaare
    • FIE Taal - Järvamaa