Other services price list

Fee for joining a private house with the network1 price € 199,00
Network maintenance fee (living space)2 monthly € 5,99
Network maintenance fee (non living space) monhtly € 9,99
Connection fee in a living space3 monhtly € 5,99
Issue of call details price € 2,00
Issue of video rental details price € 2,00
Minimal bill for call services monthly € 1,99
Visit fee4 price € 10,00
Additional work at a clients house5 half an hour € 12,00
Additional cabelling works (up to 10 m) price € 12,00
Service limited by a virus6 price € 5,00
Triple service limited by a virus7 monthly € 12,99
Limitation of service in a house and a terraced house price € 35,00
Activation of service in a house and a terraced house8 price € 35,00
  1. price from, the final fee will depend on the costs of materials etc.
  2. included in the monthly cost of the service
  3. included in the monthly fee of internet service
  4. added to the price in case of the technician's visit (added to the monthly bill even in case the technician arrives and cannot work due to the client)
  5. price per technician and payment is required for every started 30 minutes
  6. starting from the second time
  7. in case the triple service is limited due ti a virus (client can use cable TV and phone service)
  8. in case  the house has the technical readiness of at a supply point
Price of card care1 monthly € 1,49
Limiting the provision of services price € 2,00
Charge of reformation price € 5,00
Limitation of services due to a debt price € 10,00
Fee of device drop off price € 14,00
Fee of device examination price € 20,00
Repair of the antenna input price € 15,00
Replacement of the case of the device price € 20,00
  1. when the client does not use digiTV or AirTV, but has the ownership of the card
Billing by e-mail monthly € 0,00
Billing via bank monthly € 0,00
Printing the bill in one of our shops price € 0,00
Bill sent on paper price € 0,00
Fee for sending a SMS-payment notice1 monthly € 0,10
Change of service2 monthly € 2,00
Debt Management Fee price € 5,00
Limitation of services due to debt price € 10,00
  1. from 01.01.2016 Starman AS does not offer the SMS-payment notice service. Clients, who have ordered the SMS-payment notice service before 01.01.2015, can continue the service with the price given in the price list.
  2. this fee does not apply, if the client upgrades the service.